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    Testimony Service for  Rev  Martin Slocombe
    One of our  ministers in the circuit, Martin Slocombe, is  being  ordained at  this year's   Methodist Conference  in  Birmingham. As  part  of  the  lead  up  to  his ordination,  his  Testimony Service is  taking  place at  Paulton Methodist Church on  Thursday 25th May at 7.30pm.
    Preacher-Rev Jonathan Pye(Chair of District)
    Light  Refreshments will  be served  after  the  service.
    We  hope  to  welcome as  many  friends  as  possible  from  around  the Circuit. For more details please contact Keynsham church office.
          Victoria Centre                                                         Queens Road Centre
    At Keynsham Methodist Church, our mission is to reflect the love of God in all we do,
            so others may be encouraged to find faith in Christ.


  • Minister's Message

    There are many special occasions in life when we take the opportunity to celebrate. We might celebrate a wedding, an anniversary or a very special birthday.

    Within the life of the church we also like to celebrate special occasions and following Easter we celebrate the birthday of the church, known as Pentecost. The disciples of Jesus were all together waiting and praying when the presence of God moved among them in a remarkable way. Being filled with the Spirit of God and full of joy they went and told everyone what they had seen and heard about Jesus. Many came to put their faith in him and the church was born.

    From such small beginnings, the Christian faith has spread all around the world and here in Keynsham we join with countless others in celebrating our faith through worship, prayer and a desire to serve the community in which we live. You are welcome to join us!

    Rev Philip Simpkins




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