Prayer Tables




 There is a Prayer Table at both centres to aid our  focus for prayers. The displays are often linked to  the Christian year, seasons or current news or  events.

 On each table there is a Prayer Book in which  anyone may make prayer requests which will be  taken to prayer meetings and services, and placed  on the Communion Table during morning worship.

 We welcome you to take part in planning and  setting up the creative displays.






The Prayer Ministry Team provided the church with an opportunity for quiet reflection at the beginning of Lent 2017.  On Ash Wednesday, 1st March,  there was a series of prayer tables with the theme ‘JOURNEYS THROUGH LENT’.  The church at Victoria was open from 7.00 pm for prayer, followed by a service of Holy Communion led by our minister, Philip.  The event was well attended by our own members and some from other local churches. Those present expressed gratitude for the help and challenge of the displays, and for the creative way in which they were presented. The prayer tables will remain in the church for the whole of Lent.