Minister's Message



Minister's Message Spring 2022

So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well- developed, not deficient in any way. If you don’t know what you’re doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help.”                                                                                      James 1:4-5  (The Message)


As I write this, there’s precious little evidence of Spring outside; the winter storms have thankfully abated for a while but there are very few new buds visible on the trees and while the snowdrops have begun to peep out of the hedgerows in the lanes, the daffodils have yet to display their full glory......

On cold grey mornings we might feel discouraged by the apparent lack of any signs of new life or new growth – but we know they’re there and will become more obvious as the earth warms and new shoots appear.

 Sometimes we may feel discouraged too by the apparent lack of growth in our spiritual lives as Christians. Even Paul experienced the frustration of still doing things he didn’t want to, & not doing those he knew he should, & he knew the pain of weakness and doubts. Yet he reminds us that we all have the potential for new growth when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and receive His Holy Spirit into our lives. 

Sometimes we may think we're not good enough, or gifted enough to serve God. But God knows each of us from the inside out, he knows what we’re capable of and what our full potential is. And through Jesus he promised us the help of His Holy Spirit, living within us and helping us to grow more like Jesus. 

I remember reading a wonderful story about a concert pianist from Poland (who also became the Prime Minister) called Jan Padereski. The story goes that a mother who wanted to inspire her 5 year old son to learn to play the piano bought 2 tickets to see Jan Padereski in concert. They got there early and while talking to the person next to her in the vast auditorium, she failed to notice her young son wander off. Only when the lights began to dim did she begin to panic, as she realised he wasn’t beside her. By then the curtains had opened and she saw her young son sitting on stage at the Steinway Grand Piano, unaware of the audience, which had hushed.

 With one finger he began to play the only tune he knew – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Before she could call out to him, the great master pianist himself appeared on stage and tiptoed over to crouch down behind the boy, whispering as he did so, “Don’t stop, keep playing”.

As he bent down he reached round the child with his right hand & began to play the most beautiful running obligato, and with his left, smooth arpeggios, and he kept whispering “Don’t stop, keep playing”. As he played, he augmented and developed the very simple tune the boy was playing and when the boy finished, the audience rose to its feet with thunderous applause. The great master and the young apprentice had made some wonderful music together.

When we feel our faith is wavering, or wonder how we can ever do anything good for God, when our courage falters and we can’t see any signs of growth around or within us, God through his Holy Spirit says – “Don’t Stop – keep playing”.

We don’t have to play on our own, we play with God’s Spirit accompanying us & making something beautiful and worthwhile from our simple offerings of our money, our time, our skills, to help build His kingdom and make a positive difference in our neighbourhood. And as we rely on God’s help, we begin to see signs of new life & growth in our community.

I hope and pray that this season of Lent will be a time of new growth for you as you journey towards the celebration of the resurrection promise of new life that Easter brings.

“Don’t stop – keep playing!”