Prayers for worship


Prayer time is held in each centre 45 minutes before services on Sunday mornings and 30 minutes before services in the evening. This time is specifically to pray for the service, for those who will participate in leading worship, and for the work of the church. All are welcome.

This prayerful preparation for worship is a valuable ministry in the life and worship of the church.





At KMC we believe it is important that every person feels like an active member of the worshipping community, even when it may be difficult to attend church on a regular basis. Becoming a Prayer Partner means that you play a valuable role in the life of the church by being recognised as an active member through prayer. You are encouraged to pray regularly for the needs and concerns of the church in the comfort of your own home.
Prayer Partners are given suggestions for prayer and a wooden holding cross to remind them of their important and significant role.

We pray for our Prayer Partners during Sunday morning worship as they pray for the church community.


The Prayer Ministry Team is available for anyone who wishes for individual prayer during times of worship. At each Communion Service members of the team are available for anyone who would like prayer for themselves or for someone else, with the suggestion to come to the place of prayer after communion has been received.


Prayer members have green “Praying Hands” badges, and are available to pray with you at any time.
We offer prayer not with power of our own but in the name and power of Jesus Christ,the healer. We believe that God wants his people to be whole.
Prayer requests might include

  • For physical healing
  • For anxiety of mind
  • For a troubled spirit
  • For the breakdown of personal relationships

The Prayer Ministry Team operates under a code of strict confidentiality. If you would like the Minister to be aware of the situation, or for prayer to be included in our wider prayer ministry please let a member of the team know.