Prayers for others


We have a ‘chain’ of about 15 members who commit themselves to pray for a telephoned or emailed prayer request.

We pray for anyone who makes a request for themselves or on behalf of someone else. Within a short time we can mobilise those with a heart for prayer to pray for your situation.
One of three coordinators will receive your request and email or telephone it on, ensuring that the prayer request is passed on quickly and accurately.
It is advisable that the message is short and to the point.

Confidentiality is paramount. Prayer Chain members do not reveal prayer requests to anyone other than those on the Prayer Chain.

We appreciate follow up messages with subsequent outcomes.



The Prayer Shawl Ministry is a way of providing tangible love and reassurance in time of need. The pattern to make the shawls is a simple one of 3 plain and 3 purl. Many people have helped to knit them and more are always needed.

This ministry has also developed into making quilts and cushions given to children at their baptisms to remind them of the occasion. 

If anyone is interested in making a prayer shawl or knows someone who might benefit from receiving one then please contact the church office.